News From Beacon Hill – July 2021

Get the Latest Issue of The Summit: Waste Disposal There are a number of disposal concerns for insureds — clients’ premises, neighboring properties, contracting operations, transportation and arrangement of additional…Visit the Waste Disposal issue of The Summit.           Coverage Enhancements in […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2021

New Business Opportunity: Site Accounts Site accounts are found in every geographic region and can be customized to fit the needs of the insured. Coverage starts as low as $3,000. See more on Site account opportunities…See our top Site account opportunities.         […]

News From Beacon Hill – May 2021

Spotlight: Environmental Contractors Environmental contractors face a number of unique exposures from their operations and business locations. Mishaps such as improper handling and storage of… Read more about environmental contractor opportunities.           We were just awarded a big contract! Now what? […]

News From Beacon Hill – April 2021

New Business Opportunity: Property Owners & Managers Exposures could range from HVAC/roof maintenance, mold, and in place asbestos & lead paint, to pool chemicals, legionella, vapor intrusion, etc. Read more about property owners & managers.           New to Environmental Insurance? You […]

News From Beacon Hill – February 2021

The Summit: Emerging Concerns As we move into 2021, there are a number of emerging issues for environmental underwriters that have made writing insurance accounts more complicated. From concerns on… see the Emerging Concerns issue.           New Business Opportunity: Sites, Facilities, […]

News From Beacon Hill – January 2021

Overview of Environmental Coverage, Regulations, & More Environmental insurance is a billion-dollar industry with many opportunities—every account has a pollution exposure. By discussing environmental products that can effectively address these exposures, you will provide broader coverage for your client, highlight…Pollution coverage information       […]

News From Beacon Hill – October 2020

Account Opportunity: Environmental Consultants Environmental consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, perform site assessments, or advise businesses on environmental matters have a variety of exposures that can be effectively addressed with pollution coverage. Read more about coverage for this class of business.     […]