News From Beacon Hill – November 2021

Alert: Upcoming CPL and CPL/E&O Opportunities We expect to see more CPL and CPL/E&O opportunities in the coming months. With transportation, telecommunications, and alternative energy projects ramping up, there will be an increased need for CPL and CPL/Professional coverage. Learn more.         […]

News From Beacon Hill – October 2021

Spotlight: Remediation Contractors Remediation contractors are well aware of the potential environmental risks that may be incurred during site cleanups. In fact, they are often the ones that…Read the article.           Why is Action Over Coverage Important? Insureds often don’t fully […]

News From Beacon Hill – August 2021

Environmental Accounts Found in Every Community We want to share with you some of the best account opportunities that can be found in almost every community. These are accounts where we can offer… Find these opportunities.           Contractors Pollution & Professional […]

News From Beacon Hill – July 2021

Get the Latest Issue of The Summit: Waste Disposal There are a number of disposal concerns for insureds — clients’ premises, neighboring properties, contracting operations, transportation and arrangement of additional…Visit the Waste Disposal issue of The Summit.           Coverage Enhancements in […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2021

New Business Opportunity: Site Accounts Site accounts are found in every geographic region and can be customized to fit the needs of the insured. Coverage starts as low as $3,000. See more on Site account opportunities…See our top Site account opportunities.         […]

News From Beacon Hill – May 2021

Spotlight: Environmental Contractors Environmental contractors face a number of unique exposures from their operations and business locations. Mishaps such as improper handling and storage of… Read more about environmental contractor opportunities.           We were just awarded a big contract! Now what? […]

News From Beacon Hill – April 2021

New Business Opportunity: Property Owners & Managers Exposures could range from HVAC/roof maintenance, mold, and in place asbestos & lead paint, to pool chemicals, legionella, vapor intrusion, etc. Read more about property owners & managers.           New to Environmental Insurance? You […]

News From Beacon Hill – February 2021

The Summit: Emerging Concerns As we move into 2021, there are a number of emerging issues for environmental underwriters that have made writing insurance accounts more complicated. From concerns on… see the Emerging Concerns issue.           New Business Opportunity: Sites, Facilities, […]