News From Beacon Hill – September 2017

Send us Your Energy Accounts Energy risks are always in a state of dynamic change, adapting to the needs of their clients and the insurance requirements placed upon them. Our markets have the ability to write the General Liability, Auto, Excess, and Broad Form Pollution (for both Contractors or Site, as needed), as well as […]

News From Beacon Hill – August 2017

Contractors Professional Liability Exposures Contractors often have exposures for professional liability, either from operations they perform or those performed by entities working on their behalf. Examples can include construction management, subcontracted design work, testing for contaminants, or monitoring environmental conditions. Contractors may perform operations themselves that expose them to professional claims, including job site modifications, […]

News From Beacon Hill – July 2017

Understanding Sudden & Accidental Pollution Insurance for Contracting Risks By Stephen Holcombe, Senior Account Executive One thing most agents can agree on is that understanding the pollution coverage that is given to a client can be tough to navigate. Your standard General Liability policy almost always includes a total pollution exclusion. And some carriers have […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2017

This Year’s Biggest Opportunities: Mold & More This year has seen a period of continued changes in the environmental industry. Market challenges are leading to opportunities in many areas, and agents and brokers who pay attention to the underlying trends can capitalize on them. We have identified five areas that will lead to significant market opportunity […]

News From Beacon Hill – May 2017

Package Insurance for Environmental Facilities Packaged environmental insurance programs combine various lines with a shared limit and/or aggregate. Examples include General Liability and Premises Pollution (GL/EIL); General Liability, Premises Pollution, and Transportation Pollution Liability (GL/EIL/TPL); General Liability, Premises Pollution, and Contractors Pollution Liability (GL/EIL/CPL); and other combinations. Combining these coverages can create a substantial cost […]

News From Beacon Hill – April 2017

Finding Your Environmental Opportunity For our April newsletter, we want to take a moment to remind you that the QUALITY of the carrier and coverage you offer to your clients is a critical factor in providing the best service and support possible. In addition to your new business submissions, we welcome the opportunity to review […]

News From Beacon Hill – March 2017

General Liability & Site Pollution Liability The environmental insurance marketplace is more competitive and complex than ever before. We are seeing upheaval in certain areas in particular — some lines are being non-renewed by environmental carriers and appetites are changing across the board. This active and evolving insurance landscape presents a great opportunity to win […]

News From Beacon Hill – February 2017

Trending Environmental News Stories Twice a month, Beacon Hill Associates posts various environmental exposure news articles on our blog. This is great information to share with your clients to help illustrate the prevalence of environmental claims and the consequences of not being properly covered. Here are some of our top trending news articles from the […]

News From Beacon Hill – January 2017

Happy New Year from Beacon Hill The year is off to a busy start for us and we are excited to begin the quarter with great submissions, interest in our new Enhanced Fuel Solutions program, and the latest issue of our e-magazine, focusing on Sites. Since we officially closed the books for 2016, we have […]

News from Beacon Hill – December 2016

2016 Featured Environmental Insurance Products We have seen a lot of great opportunities this year! Below are some of the top lines we accessed for our agents, offering leading forms at competitive pricing. For information on environmental and energy products from the most reputable insurance carriers, contact us today. Premises Pollution Liability Coverage Premises Pollution […]