News From Beacon Hill – February 2021

The Summit: Emerging Concerns As we move into 2021, there are a number of emerging issues for environmental underwriters that have made writing insurance accounts more complicated. From concerns on… see the Emerging Concerns issue.           New Business Opportunity: Sites, Facilities, […]

News From Beacon Hill – January 2021

Overview of Environmental Coverage, Regulations, & More Environmental insurance is a billion-dollar industry with many opportunities—every account has a pollution exposure. By discussing environmental products that can effectively address these exposures, you will provide broader coverage for your client, highlight…Pollution coverage information       […]

News From Beacon Hill – October 2020

Account Opportunity: Environmental Consultants Environmental consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, perform site assessments, or advise businesses on environmental matters have a variety of exposures that can be effectively addressed with pollution coverage. Read more about coverage for this class of business.     […]

News From Beacon Hill – July 2020

What is an “Environmental Contractor” and What Lines of Coverage do They Need? Environmental contractors face a number of unique exposures from their operations and business locations. For many carriers, the determining factor as to whether an account has enough “environmental” exposure is integral. Most […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2020

New Business Alert: Recyclers & HazMat Haulers Recent changes in living conditions for many people have caused an uptick in items being sent to recycling centers and also an increase in hazardous materials handling. Not only are more grocery items and takeout containers being sent […]

News From Beacon Hill – May 2020

New Business Opportunity: Demolition Contractors Beacon Hill has a successful track record of writing demolition contractors, providing industry-focused coverage from foremost environmental carriers. We can offer all lines of coverage (excluding the property), including General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, Professional, Workers Compensation… Read more.   […]