News From Beacon Hill – November 2023

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Beacon Hill team! We are thankful for your business and partnership throughout 2023. As we finish out the year, please don’t hesitate to contact us with submissions, questions, or information requests. Let’s connect!

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Navigating Coverage for a Pollution-Related Crisis

The stress of a pollution release on the community at large can be huge, and how companies respond can be as important as dealing with the pollutant itself.
Assessing environmental exposures…

Have you discussed this with your insureds?

Considerations of Writing Alternative Energy Accounts

The one thing all alternative energy operations have in common is that they are relatively new, and they each have unique exposures that can make placing their coverage more challenging.

Challenges of alternative energy accounts.

Agricultural Operations and Environmental Insurance

Agricultural pollution is a significant environmental concern globally, particularly in areas with intensive agricultural practices. And it’s not just traditional farms seeing these…

Sources of agricultural pollution.

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