Beacon Hill Associates, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC is a wholesale insurance broker and program administrator, specializing in the placement of technically challenging specialty coverages for insurance agents nationwide. We strive to be recognized as the professional organization that every agent needs to work with in order to provide the very best options available for their clients, and one that every insurance company wants to see business from.

Company Values

Inherent in our goal is the understanding that this mission is not a destination, but a process that we have to execute and remain committed to. If, at any time, we stop moving forward and striving for excellence, then we have failed.

Our company has adhered to the components of this process since its inception:

  • We will develop and maintain a thorough understanding of the insurance needs of the clients we offer products to, with an emphasis on how our products fit into their overall programs. We will utilize this understanding to continuously craft new programs that offer real value to the client.
  • We will support our retail agent network, never working directly with an insured on any business. We will work to empower our agents to accurately and effectively represent the products we offer.
  • We will maintain a thorough and complete knowledge of the products we work with. We will review and understand every insurance policy before we offer it to a client.
  • We will have open communication and confidence in the insurance companies we partner with. At no time will we work with an insurance company that we believe is financially unstable, nor one that does not have a proven track record of standing behind the policies they sell.
  • We will maintain strict ethical standards when working with our agents and carriers. We will disclose everything we know about an account to our carriers as well as our agents. We will never encourage or condone misrepresentation by our agents.
  • We will strive to provide truly exceptional service.
  • We will do everything possible to educate, train, and prepare our staff to do its part to meet all of the above goals.

By maintaining our commitment to the above standards, we will move forward in an ever changing marketplace, secure in the knowledge that we will always be an important partner for agents wishing to provide their clients with the most effective and useful insurance products available.