Beacon Hill Associates, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC, has over 30 years of experience helping our agents place the most effective coverage possible with the industry’s leading insurance companies. Focused exclusively on environmental and energy related risks and coverages, Beacon Hill is uniquely suited to assist agents with assessing their client’s needs, finding effective coverage options to consider, and providing the tools necessary to help the agent sell the coverage.

In an industry where the true quality of the product offered often can’t be determined for years, making the right decisions now is critical. Working with the right partner to do that is the first step. We know everyone promises great things. We do too, but we back our promises up with hard facts.

The Numbers:

  • Specializing exclusively in this niche for over 30 years
  • Over 80,000 accounts worked on
  • Placed coverage on over 45,000 accounts
  • Over $765M in premium placed
  • New business received-to-bound ratio > 39.00%
  • Renewal premium retention approximately 91%
  • Dedicated post binding service and support teams
  • Dedicated renewal team, assuring the best retention possible

The components of our success are clear and compelling. We believe that it takes Experience to truly understand the intricacies of the market. It also takes the right Carrier Partners, and the right relationships with them. Another key aspect is the ability to put Options, or choices, on the table for our insureds to consider. And finally, it takes an understanding of what our real Value needs to be, and an ability to deliver on it day after day.


Unrivaled knowledge of the environmental insurance industry.

When Beacon Hill Associates was founded in 1990, it was one of the first national brokers to focus exclusively on the environmental market. Over the years, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of environmental and energy coverages and the carriers that provide them. By having a solid understanding of the products we are offering you, as well as knowing what your competitors might be offering, we can help you distinguish yourself in this competitive market. We continually examine our products and service, and strive to bring you the latest information on environmental and energy insurance from the best sources.

Having done this for so long, we’ve seen it all, and written coverage for a lot of it. From fast and easy to complex and challenging, our experience allows us to help you successfully place this important coverage for your client.

Carrier Partners

Exclusive partnerships with top environmental markets.

Beacon Hill works with the most reputable carriers in the business and is a leader in providing wholesale access to these important insurance markets. Quality of an insurance carrier is not dictated solely by their AM Best Rating. Commitment to the environmental and energy space, scale of operation, and method for claims handling are all important aspects we review before working with a carrier. It is very difficult to get good service from a company that has dabbled in the space and then moved on to other things. We look for those carriers that are committed to the lines of business we are writing with them.

In addition, we work to be sure we are a true partner to our carriers. We use a proprietary marketing method that allows us to select those carriers most likely to succeed on your account. This allows us to streamline marketing which brings us a higher success ratio with those carriers we do approach. Because of this, our submissions are the first reviewed at our carriers’ offices.

As everyone knows, success in insurance comes from happy insureds. Happy insureds are those who feel they are being treated fairly and are buying a high-quality product at a fair price. We believe our length of time in the marketplace along with our very strong renewal retentions prove that our methods work. We are different, and we are better because of it.


Multiple quotes, various limits & terms, and different coverage constructions.

We are here to help you evaluate your clients’ environmental exposures and review the products available to them. The Beacon Hill team understands how important it is to obtain options for your insureds that will provide protection and security for the well-being of their companies. Multiple quotes, various limits, different coverage constructions. All are important to consider in crafting an insurance program.

Unlike a carrier or MGA, we have the ability to bring the best to the table that our separate markets have to offer, giving your client real choices about how to manage their risk. We also compare and contrast those coverage choices with you, again helping the insured see the true value in the products available.


Bringing our agents customized service, fast turnarounds, and enhanced coverage.

Our top priority is to add value to the relationship between you and your client. How do we do this? By offering the best environmental and energy products from leading carriers, and by providing you with the tools to explain the benefits to your client. Online CPL quoting, our proprietary Risk Evaluation Tool, Coverage Guides, and OnTarget Indications are all examples of how we help you maximize the opportunity represented by your client’s pollution insurance needs.

Post-sale, Beacon Hill has a dedicated service team to make the service and support of your account a smooth process. We then transition to a renewal team that excels in finding your client the best solution for their ongoing needs. By providing exceptional service after the sale, we build a strong foundation for a long term relationship with the insured.

Our goal is to be your partner, and to build a long-term relationship taking care of your clients. For over 30 years we have been doing this, one day at a time, learning to do it better as we go. We hope to be able to provide the same great service to you and your agency.