Beacon Hill Associates, Inc. is focused on offering effective coverage from quality insurance companies. We are constantly evaluating and improving our procedures to make the process of securing environmental coverage a truly exceptional experience for our agents. We strive to provide value to your accounts, using our experience in the environmental insurance industry to make sound recommendations, getting options for you to present to your clients, and working with reputable carriers who can help to obtain the best coverage for your insureds.


Our top priority is to add value to your relationship with your client. How do we do this? By offering the best environmental products from well-known carriers, you will feel secure knowing that your insured will be protected in the event of a claim. With almost 30 years of experience working with environmental coverages, you can rely on Beacon Hill to help you construct effective, cost competitive coverage. Growing your book of business and cementing the relationship between you and your client—now that’s value.


When Beacon Hill Associates, Inc. was founded in 1990, it was one of the first national brokers to focus exclusively on the environmental market. Over the years, we have established an in-depth knowledge of environmental coverages and the carriers that provide them. By having a solid understanding of the products we are offering you, as well as knowing what your competitors might be offering, we can help you distinguish yourself in this competitive market. We continually examine our products and service, and strive to bring you the latest information on environmental insurance. Put our experience to work for you.


We are here to help you evaluate your clients’ environmental exposures and review the products available to them. The Beacon Hill team understands how important it is to obtain options for your insureds that will provide protection and security for the well-being of their companies. Multiple quotes, various limits, different coverage constructions. All are important to consider in crafting an insurance program.

Quality Carriers

Beacon Hill works with the most well-renowned carriers in the business and has proven to be a leader in providing wholesale access to environmental insurance markets. At no time will we work with an insurance company that we believe is financially unstable, nor one that does not have a proven track record of standing behind the policies they sell. Environmental insurance products and forms are unique to each carrier—let us help you differentiate them and find the right product for your client.