Many agencies focus on a specific type of client or industry. This allows them to provide customized guidance, support, and knowledge on the common exposures these insureds regularly face. Beacon Hill Associates has now made it easier for agents to get information relating to their specialized fields – we have put together all the product information and applications needed to help sell the right coverage to your insureds.

Insurance for Energy Risks

The energy service industries have seen significant growth in the last several years. Due to an increase in domestic energy production and more green energy initiatives, we have seen a major opportunity for agents to make energy-related insureds part of their books. These insureds range […]

Premises Pollution Liability for Property Developers

Commercial real estate is a billion dollar industry, turning open land or old structures into apartment buildings, strip malls, and other profitable centers. Typically there are many people involved in the development of these locations, as well as the companies that own and/or manage them […]

Insurance for Municipalities

Many municipalities are facing budget pressures due to various factors, including higher building/maintenance costs and underfunded pensions. Additionally, environmental operational exposures continue to be on the rise as a result of recent environmental regulations, environmental lawsuits, and the public’s heightened awareness about environmental issues. Because […]

Insurance for Environmental Contractors

Environmental contractors face a number of unique exposures from their operations and business locations. Mishaps such as improper handling and storage of materials can lead to pollutant spills and liability to contractors. In addition, unknown factors including existing site contamination and structural conditions present potential […]

Insurance for Habitational Risks

Insureds who manage or own habitational facilities face many potential environmental exposures. These facilities are unique risks because of the health standards that must be met and maintained in a multi-unit living/working environment. From air quality to food handling, the insured needs to be covered […]

Insurance for Manufacturing Companies

Owners and operators of manufacturing facilities have a unique set of exposures stemming from the activities that are part of their daily operations, the premises on which the operations are performed, and handling/distributing the products being manufactured. Exposures may also be present due to the […]

Insurance for Recycling Facilities

The recycling industry has recently seen tremendous growth — people around the country are taking a sustainable approach to living, using less, and recycling the materials that they do use. While many of the recyclers are construction companies and contractors looking to make a profit […]