The following is a list of coverages generally available through Beacon Hill Associates along with a link to their application. Please note that many risks require a combination of these coverages to adequately address their environmental needs.

Product Name Available For Information Sheet Application Files
Contractors Pollution Liability InsuranceWhat is Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage? Contractors Pollution Liability insurance (CPL) i... CPL Product Information Sheet

Contractors Pollution Liability Application

Inland Marine InsuranceWhat is Inland Marine insurance? Inland marine insurance is property insurance for property in tran... Inland Marine Coverage

Acord 126

Acord 146

Workers Compensation With Pollution CoverageWhat is Workers Compensation? A Workers Compensation policy provides coverage for an employer’s e...
Contractors Pollution & Professional Liability InsuranceWhat is a Contractors Pollution/Professional policy? The Contractors Pollution Liability/Profession... CPL Professional Information Sheet

Contractors Professional Application

Insurance for Environmental Contractors & ConsultantsWhat are Packaged Environmental Coverages? Packaged insurance coverages combine various lines with... Packaged Insurance Information Sheet

Application for Packaged Insurance for Environmental Consultants & Contractors

Pollution Coverage for Environmental FacilitiesWhat are Packaged Environmental Coverages? Packaged environmental insurance programs combine variou... Information Sheet

Environmental Facilities Application

Premises Pollution Liability InsuranceWhat is Site or Premises Pollution Liability Insurance? Site Pollution Liability insurance is d... Premises Pollution Information Sheet

Premises Pollution Liability Insurance Application

General Liability & Products Pollution Coverage for Manufacturers and DistributorsWhat is a GL/Products Pollution policy? Products Pollution coverage is a package liability product... Products Pollution Information Sheet

Products Pollution Application

Insurance for Energy CompaniesOverview of Energy-Related coverages: Energy risks are always in a state of dynamic change, adaptin... Energy-Related Risks Information Sheet

Environmental Energy Application

Transportation Pollution Liability InsuranceWhat is a Transportation Pollution Liability policy? Transportation Pollution Liability, or TPL,... TPL Information Sheet
Auto and Pollution CoverageOverview of Auto, including Pollution Automobile insurance coverage is typically required for compa... Auto Pollution Product Information Sheet

Auto Pollution Application

Excess & Standalone Excess Insurance CoverageWhen the average person hears the word “excess,” it may call to mind a host of admonitions that...Call (800) 596-2156 for information.

Excess Coverage Application

Storage Tank InsuranceWhat is Storage Tank Liability? The Storage Tank Liability policy provides coverage for cleanup... Storage Tank Information Sheet

Storage Tank Application

Project Specific Insurance Policies  Although a practice policy is important, many insureds need certain lines of coverage and...Call (800) 596-2156 for information.

Project Specific Application

Enhanced Fuel SolutionsOffered exclusively by Beacon Hill Associates, the Enhanced Fuel Solutions program is designed to me... Enhanced Fuel Solutions

Enhanced Fuel Solutions Application

Construction Wrap Up InsuranceMany property owners or general contractors planning a project will secure a construction wrap-up po...Call (800) 596-2156 for information.

Construction Wrap Up Application