Environmental Insurance News 4.16.18

Recent environmental news stories: Enfield fuel spill cleanup to cost over $500,000 Lake Elmo closes a second well over 3M groundwater pollution Cleanup complete for large fuel oil spill in Robersonville Dangerous pollutants found at Morse industrial site in South Hill area in Ithaca Customer […]

Silica: A Natural Born Killer

By Larry Simmons, Assistant Vice President Over the past few decades, silica has received attention in the environmental insurance arena due to on-the-job exposures many contractors face. Silica is the given name of a group of minerals composed of silicon and oxygen. It is a […]

Environmental Insurance News 4.4.18

Recent environmental news stories: Outbreak of legionella bacteria found in fitness area 40 children taken to hospitals after chemical leak at YMCA pool Crews continue cleanup after Belgrade gas spill Indoor air pollution: the killer we don’t talk about Students complain of illness and mold […]

Stormwater Runoff Exposures

By Ean Peyton, Production Assistant By Ean Peyton, Production Assistant As cities become more developed, agricultural operations grow, and weather patterns intensify, stormwater pollution continues to become an important environmental concern. From heavy metals and pesticides, to sediment and nutrient loading, stormwater runoff is becoming […]

Environmental Insurance News 3.19.18

Recent environmental news stories: 10 Industrial Plants Emit 70 Percent of Pittsburgh-Area Air Pollution Repairs, cleanup completed after Krist Oil Co. gas station fuel spill Chemours told to cut fluorocarbon air pollution from North Carolina plant BAMC determines source of Legionella bacteria that infected employee […]

Environmental Exposures for Power Plants

Power plants generate and disburse power to businesses and homes across the country. People in surrounding areas may be exposed to dangerous toxins as a result of activities at these sites, many of which can impact their health and overall quality of life. Employees—including electricians, […]

Environmental Insurance News 3.5.18

Recent environmental news stories: Eastern Niagara Hospital sued over Legionella-related death Malfunctioning gas station pump spills 10 gallons of fuel, prompting HAZMAT to respond County Courthouse Employees Sue Over Mold Exposure 3M, Minnesota settle water pollution claims for $850 million Forest Lakes, Hollymead sue contractor […]

Environmental Insurance News 2.19.18

Recent environmental news stories: Is the environmental market too low-priced for its own good? Hudson River remains contaminated with PCBs: new report Fort Smith keeps eye on area of diesel spill Legionella bacteria found in Illinois State Capitol complex Identifying and managing pollution-related exposures Dairy […]