Coverage Options for Products Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers face numerous and potentially severe environmental risks, whether stemming from their facility operations, products, services, waste disposal practices, or even their over-the-road exposures. Because they can be held liable for damages resulting from any of these sources, a thorough risk mitigation program cannot be […]

Environmental Insurance News 8.6.18

Recent environmental news stories: Judge allows lawsuits claiming Monsanto weed killer Roundup causes cancer to go forward PCB cleanup to begin on Nassau stream contaminated by Dewey Loeffel site Legionnaire’s disease outbreak reported in Laughlin due to contaminated water Settlement Reached in Air Pollution Lawsuit […]

Exposure Spotlight: Flooring Businesses

Companies in the flooring industry, whether they specialize in manufacturing, distributing, or installing, run a particularly high risk for pollution exposures. The products themselves generally contain, or have been exposed to, significant chemicals during their creation. Additionally, these products are almost universally used in enclosed […]

Environmental Insurance News 7.23.18

Recent environmental news stories: Judge OKs $5B Settlement in Kerr-McGee Pollution Case How to build a future free of toxic algal blooms Environmental concerns and their influences on contaminated properties PCB testing planned for New Bedford High School mechanical room Woman alleges exposure to asbestos […]

Pollution Exposures for Condo Associations

The everchanging landscape of the real estate market has created new environmental liability challenges for condominium associations. In the past, these associations collected dues for common area maintenance or use of the clubhouse by homeowners, whereas nowadays these associations are more involved in the day-to-day […]

Environmental Insurance News 7.9.18

Recent environmental news stories: Chemical spill turns river into 15-mile-long ‘bubble bath’ killing more than 2,000 fish Tested solution addresses flooding, polluted runoff: Potosnak/Sturm Stream Still Heavily Polluted Year After Industrial Spill Coal Ash Uncovered: Polluted Groundwater Found At 14 Kentucky Sites Insurance questions grow […]

Common Insurance Mistakes and Lessons Learned

By Bill Pritchard, President & CEO While everything about an insurance transaction is important, we have seen a number of errors over our almost three decades in business that have two things in common: they have severe consequences and can be easily avoided. These are […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.25.18

Recent environmental news stories: Bulk chemical tank fails, spills 400 gallons of herbicide near Murtaugh Lake AFD asbestos contamination scare affected 24 firefighters Pollution liability coverage, exclusions can be tricky Mold complaints at WLR apartment complex As coal plant pollution seeps into Illinois’ only national […]

Site Pollution Insurance for Property Developers

Environmental Exposures for Developers Property development firms have significant environmental exposures to consider as they evaluate potential risk management strategies and insurance programs. These exposures include: Identified, pre-existing contamination at subject property – the presence of historic fill, contamination from prior operations, etc. Unidentified pre-existing […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.4.18

Recent environmental news stories: Improper waste disposal causes toxic chemical spill Sierra Club says it will sue Cheswick power plant over air pollution Contaminated soil to be removed from former tuxedo warehouse in Ridgewood Black mold found in correctional center Firm claims air at high […]