E-recycling Companies Face Unique Pollution Risks

E-waste is the fastest-growing solid waste category globally, and in response, e-recycling has also grown significantly. These recycling businesses focus on reprocessing parts and materials from all kinds of electronic devices and play a vital role in our effort to cope with the environmental impact of technology. […]

Accounts Needing Auto Coverage

The outlook for the Auto insurance market is complex and challenging. Claim severity and litigation, as well as changes in carrier appetite may present headaches for agents and insureds. Partnering with Beacon Hill on accounts that need Auto will bring you expertise and access to […]

Environmental Insurance News 2.5.24

Recent environmental news stories: Contamination ‘3-feet down’ in soil samples of planned Portland nature park WV Supreme Court Denies Insurers’ Appeal in Chlorine Leak that Damaged Plant Anhydrous ammonia leak at Tennessee cheese factory sends 29 workers to hospital Residents, environmental groups react to settlement […]

Environmental Insurance News 1.22.24

Recent environmental news stories: Stormwater Violations by Solar Farm Builder Draw Big Fines State regulators fine Stellantis $84k, require changes at paint shops US Navy settles lawsuit over pollution from weapons testing on Potomac River PFAS lawsuits involve complex science and law, but settlements can […]

Retroactive Dates on a Business Sale

How to handle retroactive dates for Premises Pollution Liability policies when a business sells By Chelsea Albright, Vice President When we hear that a client is either purchasing or selling their business, a common question we receive is “what actions should take place for the […]

Beacon Hill’s Most Popular Articles From Last Year

Take a look at our most read and shared posts of 2023. In order of popularity, here they are! The Key to Growing Your Accounts Offer environmental insurance. Every account has a pollution exposure — offering environmental coverage highlights your professionalism by filling a meaningful […]

Environmental Accounts Found in Every Community

We firmly believe environmental coverage plays a role in virtually every account. The risk of significant loss associated with the pollution exposure all businesses have is a real threat, and the requirement for coverage is becoming commonplace. Managing that exposure, and offering the correct coverage […]

Environmental Insurance News 12.18.23

Recent environmental news stories: Bay Area refinery that spewed dust hit with proposed class action lawsuit Kalama chemical manufacturer underreports pollution, issued fine for $112,500 Large Community Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease Potentially Associated with a Cooling Tower Contaminated groundwater at Weaver Fertilizer property “likely” moving […]

Is Odor a Pollutant? It Can Be a Sneaky Exposure.

From landfill emissions to farm waste, complaints over odors can escalate to legal action. So, can odors or emissions be considered pollutants?  A “pollutant” may be defined as: Any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant, including smoke, vapor, soot, fumes, acids, alkalis, chemicals, […]