Environmental Insurance News 3.11.19

Recent environmental news stories: Factory polluted White Bear air with chemical for 17 years, state agency says O’Fallon Square Shopping Center businesses evacuate after fuel spill More than 50 taken to hospitals after ‘accidental’ chemical spill at Birmingham water treatment plant Waco Family YMCA closes […]

EPA Regulations for Underground Storage Tanks

By Michelle Huitt-Megela, Assistant Vice President, PartnerOne Environmental All tank owners should be familiar with the UST regulation (40 CFR Part 280) because it defines the Financial Responsibility of each tank owner as it pertains to their underground storage tanks (USTs). This regulation was established […]

Environmental Insurance News 2.25.19

Recent environmental news stories: Maynard School to Pay $40,000 Fine After Mold, Asbestos Discovery in Kindergarten Class Holt Road remains closed after chemical leak from timber yard near Mannington Brook Ogdensburg to conduct more contamination testing at old Shade Roller site EPA orders Greka Energy […]

Environmental Insurance News 2.11.19

Recent environmental news stories: How to Manage Environmental Risks at Commercial Real Estate Properties Asbestos, environmental claims continue to climb Evacuation ordered after chemical spill in Lafayette Litigating Toxic Risks Ahead of Regulation: Biomonitoring Science in the Courtroom Rain raises concern over runoff at Wharf […]

Spotlight: Fire/Water Restoration Contractors

Pollutants from fire/water restoration contractor activities can significantly affect the environment, even though these activities are meant to restore the general order of a locale. Response personnel may encounter many different circumstances that could lead to releases of hazardous chemicals, incompatible materials, or materials that […]

Environmental Insurance News 1.28.19

Recent environmental news stories: These driveway sealants polluted Minnesota ponds. Who should pay? Seattle recycling company settles lawsuit over pollution Federal lawsuit filed over PFOA contamination Researchers track hurricane’s effects on river pollution and beneficial bacteria Air Force’s firefighting foam linked to contaminated water Coal […]

Top 5 Classes of Business Written, by Product

Here are the top 5 classes we typically write for our main product lines: GL/Pollution/Professional Package 1. Asbestos/lead/mold remediation contractors 2. Storage tank install/removal/fuel cleaning contractors 3. Remediation/emergency response soil clean up contractors 4. Fire/water restoration contractors 5. Recyclers Premises Pollution 1. Industrial facilities 2. […]

Environmental Insurance News 1.14.19

Recent environmental news stories: Property owners claim neighbor’s artificial turf encroaches on and contaminated their land Suburbs file lawsuit alleging coal tar products have contaminated stormwater ponds Oral-B Glide floss tied to potentially toxic PFAS chemicals, study suggests Minnesota cities sue refiners over cost of […]

Account Opportunity: Sewer Utility Contractors

Because sewer utility contractors typically work below ground, they often do not know what they may encounter at jobsites. When installing new equipment, there may be sites or storage tanks that could be punctured and spilled, affecting soil or groundwater. Or during the maintenance or […]