Unlike standard admitted products, environmental insurance policies offered by different companies are not the same, even though they may attempt to address the same exposures. Environmental coverage is often written in the E&S marketplace, and therefore policies are not approved on a state level. Each carrier has created their own version of policies designed to cover the pollution exposures of their insureds. For this reason, it is even more crucial for agents to help their clients understand the coverage being offered.

Not only can the coverage vary significantly, we believe that the carrier offering the coverage is as important as the coverage itself. A carrier’s financial stability, service capability, and claims structure are just some of the important components that need to be analyzed before choosing to do business with a particular company. Beyond the general concerns of financial strength and security, niche specialization requires expertise that is not widespread in the marketplace―environmental insurance is this type of specialization.

Coverage Comparisons: Beacon Hill Associates can help you compare forms/quotes to review main coverage parts, limits, enhancements, deductibles, etc. For questions relating to a specific policy form, please contact your regional representative.

Service: Beacon Hill Associates prides itself on providing prompt and personalized service. Service items include: Mid-term changes, notices of cancellation (NOC), rescission letters, endorsements, audits, premium finance agreements, and certificates. The fastest way to receive feedback on a service item is to email your question or request to service@b-h-a.com.


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