Environmental insurers are seeing an increased demand for environmental insurance as a result of concerns related to indoor air quality (IAQ) such as the potential for vapor intrusion claims, mold claims, and Legionella claims, among others.

Some environmental forms include IAQ hazards such as mold or bacteria in the definition of pollution conditions. In other forms, mold or bacteria, as well as other IAQ hazards such as legionella may be excluded altogether, but available via endorsement. When determining whether there is coverage in a form for a specific indoor air quality hazard, it is important to know exactly how the hazards within the form are defined.

The advent of green building and incorporation of green building materials may inadvertently compromise the IAQ of a building. This is something that insurers are looking at, and in some cases offering enhancements to their coverage that will allow for the restoration of a building using green building materials in the event of a claim. For example, in the case of mold claims, some carriers offer the ability for clients to restore their premises with “anti-mold” drywall in place of regular drywall in order to prevent future mold occurrences. Contact us for additional information on environmental insurance that can address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) exposures.

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