When discussing environmental insurance with your client, it is often helpful to have specific examples of situations where the coverage has been used and, in many cases, has prevented a catastrophic financial loss to the company. Please feel free to use any of the real-life environmental insurance claim scenarios we have provided for you below. Please contact us at 1-800-596-2156 if the type of claim you are looking for is not listed below.

Contractors Pollution Liability Claim Scenarios

Premises Pollution Claim Scenarios

Mold Claim Scenarios

Packaged Environmental Coverages Claim Scenarios

Products Pollution Claim Scenarios

Professional Claim Scenarios for Environmental Contractors

Professional Claim Scenarios for Non-Environmental Contractors

General Contractor Claim Scenarios

Storage Tank Claim Scenarios

These claims examples have been provided to us by our insurance companies over the years. These represent actual environmental claims they have seen. While the coverages we offer are designed to address these general issues, we make no guarantee or warranty that any individual policy we offer will respond to all issues as described herein. Please refer to the actual policy wording in each offered form to determine coverage applicability and acceptability.