News From Beacon Hill – February 2024

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Accounts Needing Auto Coverage

Claim severity and litigation, as well as changes in carrier appetite may present headaches for agents and insureds. Partnering with Beacon Hill on accounts that need Auto will bring you expertise and access to markets to help you write this business successfully. Learn more.

Spotlight: Apartments, Condos, and Other Habitational Properties

Possible risks and points to consider when helping apartments/condos, hotels, hospitals, senior care centers, and other habitational sites secure coverage. Insureds in the hospitality industry may have serious environmental exposures. While the insurance focus is often on liability involving resident, guest, or worker injury, this industry faces significant, routine exposures to pollutants. See hospitality pollution risks.

Streamline and Grow Your Accounts. Here’s How.

There are many reasons for insureds to purchase multi-line insurance products for their casualty-driven accounts. While many of our multi-line new business accounts are environmental contractors (mostly asbestos abatement/lead/mold), there are other risks that qualify for our multi-line capabilities. We work with many different types of insureds that can qualify for…learn more.

Retroactive Dates on a Business Sale

When we hear that a client is either purchasing or selling their business, a common question we receive is “what actions should take place for the seller’s insurance policy and how should we set up the buyer’s insurance policy?” Premises Pollution policies are written on a claims made basis and will have retroactive dates to consider. The first question we ask is “what is the structure of the sale?” Depending on the answer, the account would be handled differently. See all the sale scenarios.

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