According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), Action Over is defined as a type of action in which an injured employee, after collecting workers compensation benefits from the employer, sues a third party for contributing to the employee’s injury. Often the contractual liability section within the GL policy form leaves the employer exposed to suits against their GL policy via the Employers Liability (EL) exclusion. An example of this is when a subcontractor injured on a jobsite files a claim against his Workers Compensation carrier and then also files a claim against the General Contractor responsible for hiring the subcontractor. The subcontractor brings the “action over” back to the GC and the exception to the EL exclusion. This exclusion does not apply to liability assumed by the insured under an insured’s contract, which leaves the GC vulnerable. If the GC and the subcontractor have a written hold harmless or indemnification agreement, the GC may be held liable in an action over lawsuit. This also may apply to a temporary employee hired by the employer.

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