Beacon Hill offers a number of tools to help you educate your clients on environmental exposures. We encourage you to use these resources to help your insureds understand the changing definition of environmental liability and the problems that could result from not being adequately covered.




Loss Control Services

Beacon Hill Associates is pleased to offer our insureds loss control and risk management services through our partnership with AFIRM. Every insured will receive these benefits, furthering our goal of being the industry’s best resource for environmental insurance coverages. Services include access to a safety […]

Environmental Insurance Policies

Unlike standard admitted products, environmental insurance policies offered by different companies are not the same, even though they may attempt to address the same exposures. Environmental coverage is often written in the E&S marketplace, and therefore policies are not approved on a state level. Each […]

Beacon Hill’s Agent Portal

Log into the Agent Portal HERE. Welcome to the Beacon Hill Agent Portal! We have designed this portal to give our agents real time access to the business they transact with Beacon Hill, and to provide a level of transparency into what is happening with […]

Environmental Insurance Products

Beacon Hill Associates has specialized in environmental insurance products since 1990. We have worked on over 65,000 risks and placed over $500M in premium. We carefully select the group of carriers we work with, and we remain committed to bringing the best insurance companies to […]

Environmental Insurance Claim Scenarios

When discussing environmental insurance with your client, it is often helpful to have specific examples of situations where the coverage has been used and, in many cases, has prevented a catastrophic financial loss to the company. Please feel free to use any of the real-life […]

Environmental Insurance Coverage Guides

Do you ever wish you had a “coverage 101” type of document that explains the environmental lines a specific class of business may need? We have compiled common exposures, claim scenarios, coverage information, and how to overcome challenges when selling environmental insurance to different risks […]

Environmental Insurance FAQs

Beacon Hill Associates answers all your environmental insurance FAQs: What is a pollutant? Too much of any one substance can be considered a pollutant in certain situations. It is important to review the policy form offered as the definitions of pollutant vary by carrier, however […]

Environmental Insurance Glossary

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Any tank or other container that is aboveground, partially buried, bunkered, or in a subterranean vault. This includes floating fuel systems.* Additional Insured An individual or entity that is not automatically included as an insured under the policy of another, but […]

OnTarget Program

Get a CPL indication within 2 hours The OnTarget Program allows Beacon Hill to provide its partner agents with quick and easy access to industry-specific pollution information for their non-environmental contractor clients. Why is this important? Because all agents agree that their client should buy […]

Upload a file

Do you need to send a large file to a Beacon Hill Associates representative? Use our file upload feature below to efficiently send PDFs, Word documents, Excel documents, and graphic files (jpeg, gif, png). Please note, our file size limit is 50 MB. If you […]