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Contractors Pollution Liability Application

CPL Product Information Sheet

What is Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage?

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Contractors Pollution Liability insurance (CPL) is coverage designed to protect from third party claims for damages caused by “Pollution Conditions” arising from the insured’s covered operations. Adding “Mold” coverage broadens the defined list of covered pollutants to include molds, funguses, etc.

How Does Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage Work?

  • Generally designed to address the coverage gap created by the CGL pollution exclusions.
  • Policies usually written to provide coverage for operations performed “by or on behalf” of the insured.
  • Coverage is provided for the insured’s operations away from their own premises.
  • Base policies can be written on either a Claims Made or an Occurrence basis.
  • Mold coverage is usually offered as an endorsement to the CPL insurance policy or coverage part.
  • Mold is usually on a Claims Made form.
  • Mold coverage may have a sub limit of liability, as well as its own deductible.

Optional Coverage Enhancements:

  • Over the Road Pollution for the transportation operations of the insured.
  • Temporary storage of contaminants on the insured’s property.
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles at the job site.
  • Incidental professional.
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation, additional insured.
  • And many others….

Who Buys Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance?

  • Environmental service providers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Non-environmental trade contractors, general contractors, and construction managers.

Get a CPL Quote Online

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Package Cost:

Premiums start at $1,000, and limits are available from $500,000/$500,000 to $25,000,000.

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