News From Beacon Hill – October 2020

Account Opportunity: Environmental Consultants Environmental consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, perform site assessments, or advise businesses on environmental matters have a variety of exposures that can be effectively addressed with pollution coverage. Read more about coverage for this class of business.     […]

News From Beacon Hill – February 2019

Connect to us for the latest industry news   Increasing Demand for Contractors Professional Coverage Contractors requiring Professional Liability insurance in addition to their Pollution needs is an increasing trend this year. Read the article. Sign up for Agent Portal Access Today You can access […]

Have You Seen Our Latest Blog Post?

7/15/2013 Dear Valued Agent, The sooner we can get information on what your insureds need, the sooner we can help you educate them on the type of coverage applicable to them and the environmental products that are available. By making that call early to discuss […]

Coverage Guide: Non-Environmental Contractors

Non-environmental businesses face multiple environmental risks stemming from their daily operations. Whether these actions create a pollution condition or aggravate an existing one, the non-environmental contractor can be held liable in the event of a claim, which their standard CGL coverage typically would not cover. […]