Beacon Hill Associates, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC, has been a leader in providing environmental liability insurance since 1990. We take pride in offering our agents and brokers relevant coverage from quality carriers in a fast, efficient manner. Although we concentrate primarily on environmental business, we also work with agencies on other technically challenging specialty coverages.

Our organization is split into two divisions; the wholesale brokerage department, tasked with pursuing appropriate coverage for our agents from several top insurance carriers; and our PartnerOne Environmental underwriting division, specializing in assessing risks and offering an array of environmental insurance products. With the wide range of products and markets we can access, your client will always have options—and you will always have the chance to write more business.

Why Work With Beacon Hill?

Beacon Hill Associates, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC, has 30 years of experience helping our agents place the most effective coverage possible with the industry’s leading insurance companies. Focused exclusively on environmental and energy related risks and coverages, Beacon Hill is uniquely suited […]

Environmental Insurance Product Solutions

For a complete list of the environmental insurance products we can access for you, please visit our product page. We also offer a number of flexible product solutions for your accounts: Standalone Excess Businesses needing to increase coverage limits for a project will often consider […]

Environmental Insurance Brokerage Services

Working with Beacon Hill Associates will give you access to multiple markets, fast response times, and competitive commissions. Our environmental insurance brokerage services are a resource to over 6,000 agents around the country, providing guidance and timely information on environmental exposures and the latest coverage […]

Our Mission

Beacon Hill Associates, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC is a wholesale insurance broker and program administrator, specializing in the placement of technically challenging specialty coverages for insurance agents nationwide. We strive to be recognized as the professional organization that every agent needs to […]

Our Focus

Beacon Hill Associates, Inc. is focused on offering effective coverage from quality insurance companies. We are constantly evaluating and improving our procedures to make the process of securing environmental coverage a truly exceptional experience for our agents. We strive to provide value to your accounts, […]

Overview of our Team

Agent Testimonials

“I have worked with Beacon Hill for several years and have found them to be very knowledgeable about the products and markets with whom they work. Brett Amick and Patrick Manning have been extremely responsive and attentive to detail which I find is a necessity […]

Careers at Beacon Hill Associates, Inc.

As an industry-leading specialty wholesale broker, Beacon Hill Associates has a range of positions for young professionals entering the industry, as well as more experienced candidates. The company is made up of two divisions; our brokerage division and our underwriting division, branded as PartnerOne Environmental. […]

Environmental Insurance

Environmental insurance is a billion-dollar industry with many opportunities—every account has a pollution exposure. By discussing environmental products that can effectively address these exposures, you will provide broader coverage for your client, highlight your agency’s professionalism, help secure future renewals, and generate more revenue on […]