What are Packaged Environmental Coverages?

Packaged insurance coverages combine various lines with a shared limit and/or aggregate. Examples include Commercial General Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability plus Professional, CPL and Professional, or General Liability and Premises Pollution. Combining these coverages can create a substantial cost savings for the client.

How do they work?

  • Coverage usually based off of the CGL Pollution Coverage Part.
  • Packages can then add Contractors Pollution (sharing the same limit).
  • Benefit is that it provides coverage that fills much of the CGL pollution exclusion gap.
  • Packages can then add the Professional Liability (sharing the same limit).
  • Again, the benefit is having the same carrier provide coverage typically excluded from the CGL.
  • Package can also cover Premises Specific Pollution Liability, Over the Road Pollution, Storage Tanks, and more.
  • Coverages are written with combinations of triggers, depending on options selected.
  • Various retentions depending on lines chosen.
  • All coverages share one aggregate.

Optional coverage enhancements:

  • Can be packaged with Products Pollution.
  • Mold/fungus coverage may be offered.
  • Prior Claims Made Nose coverage.
  • Separate defense limits.
  • Non-owned disposal site coverage.
  • And many others…

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