Overview of Energy-Related coverages:

Energy risks are always in a state of dynamic change, adapting to the needs of their clients and the insurance requirements placed upon them. Our markets have the ability to write the General Liability, Auto, Excess, and Broad Form Pollution (for both Contractors or Site, as needed), as well as Transportation Pollution.

Why is Pollution coverage important to energy-related risks

  • Transportation Pollution Liability covers the gaps that are left by your Auto pollution endorsement or exclusion.
  • Broad form Contractors Pollution Liability is so much more than sudden & accidental pollution: Clean up costs, Completed Operation coverage, Actions Over coverage, “by or on behalf” wording, and punitive damages.
  • Broad Form Site Pollution: Clean up costs, first and third party triggers, Natural Resources Damages, punitive damages, and new and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Optional coverage enhancements:

  • Transportation Pollution for the insured’s over the road exposures.
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Additional Insureds, and Primary Non-contributory wording.
  • Professional and Products Pollution, as needed by individual risks.
  • Excess policies that go over underlying Pollution and Professional, in addition to General Liability.

Who buys it?

  • Roustabout contractors
  • Oilfield cleanup (after the drilling is done) – plugging wells, equipment removal, site cleanup
  • Salt water haulers
  • Solar contractors
  • Wind turbine contractors
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Alternative energy contractors – construction of biodiesel facilities
  • Pumpers
  • Dirt work contractors
  • Wireline
  • Oil field electricians
  • Flow line and pipeline contractors
  • Compressor rental & installation
  • Welding & tank battery construction
  • Salt water hauling

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Package Cost:

Premiums start at $2,500, and limits are available up to $100,000,000. Call 1-800-596-2156 for application information