Offered exclusively by Beacon Hill Associates, the Enhanced Fuel Solutions program is designed to meet the needs of businesses with unique premises specific exposures related to their fuel storage, oil or gas distribution, electric charging, or other alternative fuel operations. Bringing together a broad suite of products, the program is designed to allow “one stop shopping” for many of the most challenging coverages for target risks. We partner with A+ rated insurance carriers and provide superior service and support for you and your clients.

Why Enhanced Fuel Solutions?

Today’s Risks:

Whether you insure a repair shop, auto dealership, golf course, or gas station, your site pollution exposure is broader than just a possible leak from your storage tank. Oil/grease spills, hydraulic lifts, petroleum products, and chemical/pesticide storage are common pollution exposures at these facilities. The Enhanced Fuel Solutions policy can cover your range of exposures, along with the specific financial responsibility coverages needed for any onsite tanks. Coverage can be as broad or narrowly focused as your client desires.

Tomorrow’s Opportunities:

The evolution of the term “fueling” is what inspired the creation of the Enhanced Fuel Solutions program. We are targeting alternative and renewable fuel storage, including electricity, biodiesel, hydrogen, ethanol, natural gas, propane, etc. Coverage for these new sites carries unique challenges that our product is designed to address. For example, electric charging stations carry environmental risk from the presence of batteries in the cars being charged, yet also have a significant inland marine exposure from complex and expensive charging units. Our program is developed to address these exposures and more.

Coverage details:

The Enhanced Fuel Solutions program is built off the foundation of broad environmental coverage. This policy is designed to be flexible to meet your client’s needs, and can include full Site Pollution coverage including coverage for storage tanks that require evidence of financial responsibility. Additionally, it can cover tanks or dispensers holding various alternative fuels such as propane, hydrogen, or natural gas.

The policy can also be written to just provide coverage for the storage tank exposure if that is the preferred approach. The policy provides coverage for cleanup costs at an owner’s facility due to releases from the site itself and/or scheduled tanks on the policy. Coverage is also provided for third party bodily injury and property damage claims emanating from the site and/or scheduled tanks on the policy. Policies are written on a claims made basis, and can honor existing retroactive dates where applicable.

In addition to the pollution component, the Enhanced Fuel Solutions program can also provide Property and Inland Marine coverage for above ground property and equipment at the location. This can include ASTs, above ground piping, charging units, and dispensers.

Target risks include:

  • Petroleum product storage
  • Oil distributors
  • Gas distributors
  • Auto repair facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Agricultural risks with farm equipment
  • Convenience stores
  • Golf courses
  • Car dealerships
  • Charging stations
  • Alternative fuel locations
  • Any location with a tank

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