Many municipalities are facing budget pressures due to various factors, including higher building/maintenance costs and underfunded pensions. Additionally, environmental operational exposures continue to be on the rise as a result of recent environmental regulations, environmental lawsuits, and the public’s heightened awareness about environmental issues.

Because municipalities are involved in so many diverse activities, it is difficult to capture all of the environmental exposures that may be attributable to any one municipality. In general, most are all subject to environmental regulatory oversight with respect to their water and wastewater discharges, air emissions, disposal, storage of chemicals in above and below ground storage tanks, and stormwater discharges. In addition, if they bring outside contractors onto their premises to perform certain operations such as construction activities or remediation activities, municipalities could be held responsible for any environmental events caused by those activities in addition to their own.

Operations associated with a municipality risk

  • Court Houses

  • Sheriff’s Office

  • Fueling Stations

  • Mosquito Control Office

  • Emergency Response Centers

  • School Districts

  • City Bus Terminals

Environmental insurance products for municipalities

Site Pollution Liability

Addressing unknown site pollution not discovered during environmental site assessments, indoor air quality issues, spills of maintenance chemicals, etc.

Contractors Pollution Liability

Contractors may exacerbate asbestos, mold, and other contaminants; chemical spills brought onto the property, etc.

Transportation Pollution Liability

Spills while materials such as paints (that may or may not contain lead), asbestos, silica, lacquers, or oils are being transported or loaded/unloaded at municipal properties.

Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage

The disposal by contractors of substances that may or may not contain lead, asbestos, silica, lacquers, or oils at disposal sites traced back to municipal property owner/manager.

Storage Tank Coverage

Coverage for any storage tanks on municipal properties, including tanks that power generators.

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