Beacon Hill’s Most Popular Articles From Last Year

Take a look at our most read and shared posts of 2023. In order of popularity, here they are!

The Key to Growing Your Accounts

Offer environmental insurance. Every account has a pollution exposure — offering environmental coverage highlights your professionalism by filling a meaningful coverage gap while allowing you to generate more revenue from the same risk. We work with many agencies to provide industry-leading coverages from carriers who specialize in environmental insurance. All coverages are not the same, nor are the carriers offering them. Read the article.

Pollution Exposures for Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis companies may be considered a relatively new business segment, but the environmental impact of agri-businesses have been on the radar for a long time. From activities involving disposal and maintenance, to less predictable incidents like a leaky storage tank or flooding from a natural disaster, the potential risk of running this type of business can be significant. It is crucial for business owners and managers to protect their investments with insurance coverage to address these exposures. Read the article.

Fines for Abatement Contractors: Real Life Consequences

As one of our top classes of business, we understand the important role an insurance agent must play in helping their abatement contractors secure the right coverage. The very nature of the business and materials handled means pollution incidents or releases are a very real possibility. Safe business practices, proper training, and a well-designed insurance program can all work together to address these risks. Read the article.

Important News About Site Accounts

We have seen many exciting opportunities so far this year that we want to share with you. Accounts involving Site Pollution Liability are at the top of the list. Take a peek at some of the highlights: Portfolios. We have experience with real estate portfolios and can help you get a ballpark or quote with minimal information. Get access to markets who can offer…Read the article.

Lessons Learned: Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen to Your Insureds

Insureds don’t need to be involved in exceptionally risky work to have environmental exposures. Most businesses, contractors, and consultants perform work that could trigger a pollution event – all it takes is one unfortunate incident to result in a claim. Here are some examples of what could go wrong…Read the article.

Environmental Insurance for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has significantly increased over the last few years, with over 10 million electric cars sold worldwide last year. As vehicle manufacturers stay busy, the need for electric charging stations is also growing. The site procurement, construction, and maintenance for these stations have created an entirely new segment of the renewable energy industry. Insurance agents all over the U.S. are writing this business and working to address coverage needs with these clients. So, what are the environmental concerns for EV stations? Read the article.

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