Environmental Accounts Found in Every Community

We firmly believe environmental coverage plays a role in virtually every account. The risk of significant loss associated with the pollution exposure all businesses have is a real threat, and the requirement for coverage is becoming commonplace. Managing that exposure, and offering the correct coverage for it, can be a competitive differentiator for an agent. It evidences a higher level of professionalism while making future renewals more complicated to take away.

We want to share with you some of the best account opportunities that can be found in almost every community. These are accounts where we can offer leading coverage with superior service.

Every community has the following environmental risks:

  • Emergency response contractors
  • Fire water restoration contractors
  • Environmental consultants
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Biosolid application
  • And many other risks

We can write the CGL, Contractors Pollution (CPL), Professional, Auto, Workers Compensation, Inland Marine, Cyber, and Excess for these classes. Learn more.

Every community has the following non-environmental risks:

  • General contractors
  • Trade contractors
  • Utility contractors
  • Roofers, plumbers, electricians
  • Any contractors that, in the course of their normal operations, may make a slight adjustment on the provided plans to get the job done properly, or who supervise other subcontractors.
  • And many other risks

All of these classes are buying Pollution coverage every day. Writing monoline CPL or CPL/E&O can add significant revenue for each account. Learn more.

Every community has the following tank risks:

  • Dealerships & repair shops
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Golf courses
  • Any site that has a generator using a storage tank
  • And many other risks

We can help place the right coverage for all of these businesses, including financial responsibility for storage tanks. Learn more.

Some of our fastest growing account opportunities include:

  • Pollution and professional for trade contractors.
  • Site Pollution on real estate portfolios.
  • Site Pollution for habitational properties, including medical facilities, apartment buildings, and senior living facilities.
  • All lines of coverage for abatement and demo contractors.

As we head into the fall season, our team is here to help you with any rush submissions needed for projects, upcoming renewals, or to answer coverage questions. We can provide claim scenarios & other resources, and can also take part in conversations with your insureds, if needed.

Have an opportunity you want to discuss? Please reach out to let us know how we can help you and your team with your environmental insurance needs.