Important News About Site Accounts

As January winds down, we have seen many exciting opportunities so far this year that we want to share with you. Accounts involving Site Pollution Liability are at the top of the list. Take a peek at some of the highlights:


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Environmental Facilities

Industrial and commercial facilities face casualty and pollution concerns stemming from the activities performed at the facility, products manufacturing, materials handling, storage, waste disposal, etc. What you should know about these accounts.

Habitational Properties

A habitational property is often explained as “any property that has a bed,” i.e. places that have tenants, patients, students, etc. Insureds who manage or own habitational facilities face many potential environmental exposures. Read about coverage for these insureds.

We are also seeing an uptick in building and renovation for the following specific types of sites:

Office Buildings

Last year saw many workers heading back into the office on a more regular basis, and office buildings around the country are being renovated and changing hands to accommodate new work structures. There are several types of commercial office spaces, with each having a variety of potential pollution exposures. Depending on where the building is located and its age, there may be different air handling equipment, maintenance chemicals, water run-off, or building materials. Pollution releases from any of these common activities may result in claims against insureds for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs. Learn more.

Recycling Centers

From traditional recycling facilities to e-recycling centers, these sites have experienced significant growth. An influx of recyclable goods means longer periods of storage, and the recycling machines are running for longer periods of time, consuming more fuel. In addition, more traffic on these sites may increase the potential for the accumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil. Read more about Site Pollution Liability for recycling centers.

Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse facilities have the potential for very unique pollution exposures due to the size of the facilities and the amount of goods typically stored on-site at any given time. From an insured’s daily operations, to the possibility of a natural disaster triggering a pollution event, it is crucial that warehouse owners and operators have adequate coverage. Check out more exposure information and claims examples for warehouse facilities.

For more information on Site Pollution Liability or to discuss an account, please contact us.