November Target Risks

As the year winds down, we want to remind you of our coverage capabilities on all the risks you write! You can take a look at our Products Webpage, or see our latest blog posts, which discuss current relevant topics in the marketplace. Additionally, we have compiled a short list of some of the business we are hitting on most these days:

Demolition Contractors

We have a successful track record of writing demolition contractors, providing industry-focused coverage from foremost environmental carriers. Since most demo contractors are responsible for associated asbestos and/or lead abatement as part of their projects…Read more.

Alternative Energy Businesses

From solar to wind, geothermal to hydro, the firms that install, service, and operate these facilities have unique insurance exposures. These account opportunities are expected to grow exponentially as virtually every locality embraces the movement toward…Read more.

C&D Roll Off Businesses

Construction & demolition (C&D) waste may contain hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos, as well as other toxic substances. For C&D roll-off businesses, we can write all lines, including GL, CPL, E&O, Site Pollution, Workers Comp, Auto, and Excess. Learn more.

For more information or to discuss a specific account, please contact us.