Challenging Site Pollution Accounts

Do you need help with a challenging site account, coverage for a property with a history of contamination, or a portfolio? We can help.

  • We can consider accounts of all sizes, large or small.
  • Deductibles starting at $2,500.
  • Limits are available from $500k/$500k to $25M.

Site Pollution Liability policies can be extremely flexible and are often modified to address the exposures unique to each deal. These policies are not “one size fits all” and the coverage offered varies greatly between carriers.

Even if there’s historic contamination, underwriters will consider a number of factors on the account, including the severity of contamination, types of contaminants, remediation plan, and any data regarding whether the pollution concentration is improving, and what steps the client is taking to prevent further contamination.

With the variance in coverage offered between carriers, it’s important to make sure the client understands exactly what’s covered, and what’s excluded. Contact us for more information.

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