Septic & waste…get help with your “dirty” accounts

Some of the dirtiest jobs are also the hardest to place within standard markets. Fortunately, Beacon Hill has the expertise and carrier partners to help find competitive programs for these industries. From septic cleaning and porta-potty contractors, to landfills and recyclers, businesses handling the clean-up, removal, and/or disposal of waste have significant pollution exposures.

These risks fit within our wheelhouse for GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional, Workers Compensation, Auto, Excess, and other lines.

Target risks include:

  • Porta-potty contractors (rentals, servicing, cleaning, etc.)
  • Septic cleaning
  • Grease-trap cleaning
  • C&D roll-off contractors
  • Landfill/transfer station owners & operators
  • Recyclers
  • Emergency response contractors
  • Waste brokers
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Vac truck operators
  • Waste water operators
  • Biosolid applicators

Beacon Hill’s experienced team has exclusive partnerships with leading markets who write these accounts. Contact us today to learn more.