Changes in the Site Pollution Market

By Larry Simmons, Assistant Vice President

In recent months, we have noticed changes in the Site Pollution market for apartments, condos, and hotels. More specifically, carrier changes are impacting how mold/legionella will be covered.

As mold claims continue to develop over time, carriers are beginning to address these concerns with more conservative forms, higher deductibles, and other restrictions that can severely limit how a potential mold/legionella claim may be handled. Some examples of market changes include:

  1. $25k mold SIRs are increasingly more difficult to obtain. $50k mold SIRs are now more common but we are also seeing Mold SIRs as high as $100k.
  2. Some carriers are now only willing to offer Bodily Injury/Property Damage for mold claims, while EXCLUDING cleanup of Mold.
  3. Some carriers are limiting the kinds of perils that can trigger the mold coverage in a Site Pollution policy, i.e. only covering a leaking pipe.
  4. Some carriers are placing strict discovery and reporting requirements on the policy in order to trigger the mold coverage.
  5. We have even seen certain carriers get out of offering Site Pollution Liability altogether.

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What is Site Pollution Liability?
Site Specific Pollution Liability, also known as Premises Pollution Liability, Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL), and Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), is designed to cover claims arising from pollution releases at, on, or emanating from a specific scheduled location.

We pride ourselves on being your go-to solution for these habitational risks and we have access to markets that are still able to be creative when offering Site Pollution coverage for apartments, hotels, and condos. If you are in need of broad mold coverage for your clients, please contact us at (800) 596-2156 or email

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