News From Beacon Hill – May 2022

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Exposure Spotlight: Office Buildings

There are many types of commercial office buildings, with each having a variety of potential pollution exposures. Depending on where the building is located and its age, there may be…See coverage info and more.






Market Trends in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has changed significantly over the last few decades, and even more so in recent years. Between the supply chain issues our country has experienced this past year…Read the article.






Environmental Insurance Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

Environmental insurance can provide coverage for a non-profit organization’s location, as well as for exposures stemming from operations they perform away from their site. It may also…See more on coverage for non-profits.






Contractors Pollution & Professional

Contractor clients should consider a combined Pollution and Professional policy addressing their daily jobsite exposures as well as any project contract requirements. Target risks may include…Get product info, minimum premiums, and more.






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