News From Beacon Hill – June 2022

New Business Opportunity: Sites & Facilities

Policies can be tailored to fit very specific needs, such as limiting coverage to just onsite cleanup, or offsite Bodily Injury. It is this flexibility that makes these policies very powerful…Read more.






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Get environmental insurance applications for contractors & consultants, sites and facilities, tanks, and more. We have a streamlined application process with fill-able forms and a submission mailbox.
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Exposure Spotlight: Mold

Mold is everywhere—has been around forever—and was never more than a maintenance problem in the past. So why does it make building owners, managers, landlords, and tenants…learn more about mold coverage.






Environmental Insurance for Welding Businesses

The environmental exposures for a welding supply and distribution business are varied. They can come from the insured’s owned or leased premises, their product’s manufacturing and…Read more.






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