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Environmental Insurance News 7.27.20

Recent environmental news stories: 4 Reasons Pollution Claims Are Rising in Frequency and Severity AG charges two pipeline companies over spills in Washington County Village claims Cargill, others contaminated its water. Now it wants $3 Million Defendants settle for $1.6 million as details emerge on […]

News From Beacon Hill – July 2020

What is an “Environmental Contractor” and What Lines of Coverage do They Need? Environmental contractors face a number of unique exposures from their operations and business locations. For many carriers, the determining factor as to whether an account has enough “environmental” exposure is integral. Most […]

Environmental Insurance News 7.13.20

Recent environmental news stories: New contamination at an infamous N.J. chemical plant has scientists worried Nebraska Egg Processor to Pay $827K Fine, Make $2M in Upgrades to Limit Pollution Scrap metal yards have sent polluted runoff into Tampa Bay for years, suit says Montague School […]

Breaking News About Beacon Hill Associates

We are pleased to announce that Beacon Hill Associates/PartnerOne Environmental has been acquired by Specialty Program Group (SPG), a holding company established to acquire and grow best-in-class specialty wholesale and underwriting facilities throughout North America. This new venture will bring increased market access and enhanced […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.30.20

Recent environmental news stories: Hydrochloric acid spilled at New Haven business Attorney: Technician reportedly failed to perform leak test before Farmington explosion Millions of Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Pose Environmental, Health Risks Employees of Battle Creek manufacturing plant return to work after evacuation due […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2020

New Business Alert: Recyclers & HazMat Haulers Recent changes in living conditions for many people have caused an uptick in items being sent to recycling centers and also an increase in hazardous materials handling. Not only are more grocery items and takeout containers being sent […]

New Business Opportunity: Environmental Facilities

Environmental facilities like wastewater treatment plants and recycling centers have seen steady activity this year, avoiding many of the challenges other industries have faced in our current economy. We have worked on some great facility opportunities in the past few months, helping our agents win […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.15.20

Recent environmental news stories: Court Rejects Meatpacker’s Efforts to Kill Lawsuit Over Slaughterhouse Pollution in South Platte River US chemical plants risk disastrous cyberattacks, potentially causing leaks or explosions Site of contaminated groundwater to be demolished New PFAS Chemical Contamination Discovered in New Jersey Maryland […]