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Environmental Insurance News 2.10.20

Recent environmental news stories: Cancer-Causing Benzene Emissions at 10 Refineries Exceed EPA Limits Construction Project Raises Indoor Air Quality Concerns at Courthouse in Massachusetts Water pollution control plant preps for heavy rain Underground Storage Tank Leaks Trigger Closure Of Northern Arizona Gas Stations State of […]

Environmental Insurance News 1.27.20

Recent environmental news stories: Treasure Island Residents File Class Action Suit Against Developers and Contractors, Seeking $2 Billion in Damages A 97,000-gallon red wine leak made its way into a Northern California river Evacuations ordered after chemical is released at Kern County manufacturing plant The […]

A Discussion of Transportation Risks & Pollution Coverage

By Allison McGreal, Assistant Vice President, PartnerOne Environmental With auto markets tightening their underwriting and increasing rates, it’s getting more difficult for agents to place risks with transportation exposures. Underwriters are seeing an increase in submissions being shopped with multiple carriers in the hope of […]

Environmental Insurance News 1.13.20

Recent environmental news stories: Arsenic and a new case: Inglewood stadium developers sue over contamination Crews cleaning up coolant spill at UVA Battle Building Gas station property contaminated, leaking into groundwater Mold forces Grand Haven businesses out House Passes PFAS Bill Sponsored By Maine Representatives […]

Environmental Insurance Spotlight: School Districts

Many school districts are self-contained communities, with operations and buildings that can span a large area. They may house classrooms as well as facilities such as laboratories, cafeterias/food service, bus parking lots/garages, sports stadiums, gardens, swimming pools, administrative office buildings, and newspaper/printing operations. In addition, […]

Environmental Insurance News 12.30.19

Recent environmental news stories: Rash of lawsuits intensify concerns of 3M’s liabilities over PFAS chemicals Lawsuit: Thousands of tons of contaminated waste dumped by contractor Chemicals Spill In Martinsburg, Part Of Downtown Evacuated Los Angeles Beaches Contaminated by Polluted Stormwater, Report Finds: ‘We’re Endangering Every […]