Managing Growing Insureds

By Jamie Lewis, Senior Vice President The summer season typically means that homeowners are starting improvement projects and developers are anxious to break ground on newly purchased property. You may also find yourself on the phone with your contractors much more often to help with […]

Environmental Insurance News 7.15.19

Recent environmental news stories: Kentucky to Fine Jim Beam Over Warehouse Fire, Bourbon Spill 3M could face huge cleanup costs over substance in Scotchgard Tucker ironworks company accused of polluting Chattahoochee Chemical Spill Prompts Level 2 HazMat Response At Tootsie Roll Factory In Ford City […]

Spotlight: Upstream Energy Operations

The ‘upstream’ segment of the energy industry deals with a very complex set of operations, focusing on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. This could range from geologic surveys and  information gathering to the actual drilling and bringing oil/natural gas resources to […]

Environmental Insurance News 7.1.19

Recent environmental news stories: NJ says trucking company dumped contaminated soil on Marlboro farm Nitrogen tank leak sickens three, leaves Weston specialty ice cream shop closed Alabama Tyson Foods Plant Waste Water Spill Spreads E. Coli in Rivers Site of future Northwood town square re-contaminated […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.18.19

Recent environmental news stories: Precautionary shelter in place lifted after pool chemical accident at Goebel Pool in Covington Waterloo hopes to stop wastewater leak into Cedar River by July 1st Storage tank explodes at central Arkansas chemical plant Chemical Spill At St. Paul Park Sanitation […]

Environmental Insurance News 6.3.19

Recent environmental news stories: Crews working to clean up 300-gallon chemical spill Astro-Chemicals building in Springfield Nearly $250K in asbestos-related fines proposed for contractors at Hale Library Multiple operating rooms at Seattle Children’s Hospital closed after mold discovered 2,100 gallons of oil leaked near Galliano […]

Claims Made vs. Occurrence Coverage

By Carter McAuley, Brokerage Service Manager On a daily basis agents deal with policy language they must explain to their clients. Understanding this wording is crucial in making sure insureds know exactly what they are getting for the premium they pay. Knowing the differences between […]

Environmental Insurance News 5.20.19

Recent environmental news stories: Breach at Texas tank farm causes chemical spill 2 cases of Legionnaires’ possibly linked to University of Chicago Hospital Flammable materials – including lithium batteries – known to cause fires at landfill Salina environmental clean up to cost $95 million Lander […]