Top 5 Accounts to Go After Right Now

We want to share with you our list of accounts that we see as the best opportunities right now. We are actively writing this business and have carrier partners who want to provide coverage for these risks.

Solar & renewable energy contractors

Commercial installations of solar, wind, geothermal, electric, biomass, and hydrogen-based technologies are growing quickly across the country. Beacon Hill has experience writing these accounts and markets who want this business.

Abatement contractors

We have an extremely high hit ratio with accounts for abatement contractors working with mold, lead, and/or asbestos. Our team members have decades of experience writing these risks and have access to the environmental products & enhancements these insureds need.


Developers and construction companies are continuing to see an increase in business as we head into 2022. As construction companies gear up for building, renovation, and construction projects, it’s a great time to make sure these clients have the right coverage in place.


Many of our carrier partners welcome manufacturing and distributor accounts and are competitive with most insurance lines relating to this industry: Products Pollution Liability, Premises Pollution Liability, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage, GL, and Contractors Pollution Liability.


The recycling industry is at an all-time high—in addition to people recycling more household items, businesses & municipalities are organizing larger scale recycling efforts as well. Environmental carriers have been able to respond to the unique challenges of recycling businesses, and this growth in the industry.

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