Environmental Insurance News 6.10.24

Recent environmental news stories: Leak from Indiana fertilizer tank results in 10-mile fish kill Hazmat team responds to ammonia spill at New Bedford seafood wholesaler Pollution exclusions and PFAS claims: Reading tea leaves from early coverage rulings Macomb County contractor fined $4.7M for using contaminated […]

Environmental Insurance News 5.20.24

Recent environmental news stories: Sanford fire crews contain ammonia leak at ice manufacturing facility Follow-up investigation on old underground tank leak Predictions for the Future of Environmental Impairment Liability Forever CERCLA: EPA Designates Certain PFAS as Hazardous Substances Under CERCLA Fayetteville residents blame concrete plant […]

Pollution Insurance for Fixed Based Operators

By Michael Tighe, Executive Vice President & Northeast Regional Manager Off the shelf Pollution policies may cover only a portion of your client’s exposures. Frequently there is a need to remove or modify standard Pollution policy wording in order to provide effective coverage. It may […]

A Look at Natural Resource Damages

By Larry Simmons, Assistant Vice President What are Natural Resource Damages? Natural resource damage is a little known coverage grant that should be included in all of your Pollution policies. Many insureds do not fully understand what natural resource damages are, or why they need […]

Environmental Insurance News 4.30.24

Recent environmental news stories: US polluters will pay for PFAS contamination cleanup following EPA ruling Bay Area Costco warehouse evacuates 1,000 people after chemical spill Judge approves $12M settlement in botched Little Village smokestack demolition Crypto miner, Pennsylvania hit with lawsuit over pollution from bitcoin […]

Stormwater Runoff and Pollution Concerns

As cities become more developed, agricultural operations grow, and weather patterns intensify, stormwater pollution continues to become an important environmental concern. From heavy metals and pesticides, to sediment and nutrient loading, stormwater runoff is becoming more and more contaminated as time progresses. It typically drains […]

Environmental Insurance News 4.15.24

Recent environmental news stories: EPA imposes first national limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water Washington contractor facing fines over asbestos removal Litigation Causing Increased Construction Liability Claims and Challenges Legionella found in water at Virginia medical facility that handles vulnerable patients Storage Tank leak […]

Springtime Spotlight: Construction Sites

Spring is here and construction projects are starting! Have you spoken with your contractor/construction insureds about their coverage? Because of the variety of activities and types of contractors involved with construction operations, the exposures at these construction sites can be varied and complex. Environmental exposures […]