Recently Written Accounts – June 2018

$2.5M Asbestos abatement/demolition contractor purchased GL/CPL ($2M/$2M) and a $3M Excess policy for a total of $34,000.

$24M Roofing/solar contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $19,000.

$500k Metal recycler/car crusher purchased GL/Products Pollution/EIL and a $25M Excess policy for $345,000.

$1M Lead abatement contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($3M/$3M) for $8,200.

Large real estate management company with office/retail and habitational spaces purchased EIL including 1st party clean up discovery and Mold/Legionella coverage ($20M limits), 5-year policy for $210,000.

$1.5M Waste water treatment operator purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $6,500.

$13M Hazardous waste consultant/transporter/lab packaging company purchased CPL, Auto, and a $6M Excess policy for $148,000.

Commercial office building purchased a $1M EIL policy for $3,000.

$1M Plastic/polymer developer/manufacturer used in third party products purchased GL/Products Pollution Liability for $7,500.

$3M Waterproofer purchased CPL/Mold policy ($2M/$2M) for $5,700.

$5.2M HVAC contractor purchased CPL with Mold & Legionella coverage ($1M/$2M) retroactive 6 years for $7,000 in premium.

$100k Radon mitigation contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $2,500.

Wastewater treatment plant purchased a $2M/$6M EIL policy for $21,000.

$2.6M Fuel cleaning contractor purchased CPL, Auto, and a $3M Excess policy for $84,000.

$116M General contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($2M) with retroactive coverage back to 1999 for $56,000.

$259k Environmental driller purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $3M Excess policy for $8,500.

$65M Street & road contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $25,000.

$6.5M Storage tank contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($2M/$2M), Auto, and a $4M Excess policy for $91,000.

$28M Environmental driller purchased a $5M CPL/E&O with retroactive coverage going back 20 years for $55,000.

Recycling center purchased a $1M/$2M EIL policy with disposal site coverage for $8,400.

$5M Manure spreader purchased CPL/E&O and TPL for $11,000.