Beacon Hill’s Risk Evaluation and Analysis of Liability (REAL)

The REAL Environmental Evaluation™ is a free resource available through Beacon Hill’s Agent Portal. Request an Agent Portal login HERE.

What is the REAL Environmental Evaluation?

The REAL Environmental Evaluation is an environmental risk assessment that allows agents and their insureds to evaluate potential pollution exposures. These may include contracting, facility, transportation, disposal, and other operational issues. After answering questions about the insured’s business, a report will be generated with an overview of each exposure and the insurance products that address these risks. Since much of the insured’s information is already entered, this tool may then be used to generate an indication.

How should I use an environmental risk assessment?

Most of our agents use this tool when meeting with their client, using a tablet to run through the evaluation together. By spending a few minutes answering some specific questions about the insured’s business operations, premises, and day-to-day operations, you will automatically receive a report in PDF format that outlines which pollution insurance products you should discuss to address their liability. The REAL Evaluation can be accessed exclusively through Beacon Hill’s Agent Portal.

What will the questions look like?

You will be taken through a series of short questions that assess the general exposures for business premises and activities. It will then dig a little deeper to quantify these operations and establish specifics on pollution concerns. The REAL Environmental Evaluation will take about 10 minutes to complete.

What will the REAL Environmental Evaluation look like?

Once the insured has outlined all information for the evaluation, you can immediately download an exposure overview that is tailored to the insured. In addition, you and your insured will have the option to request an indication of coverage and cost based on the information entered in the environmental risk assessment.


How can I use the REAL Environmental Evaluation to sell coverage?

Using the REAL Environmental Evaluation is the perfect opportunity to talk about adding pollution lines to your client’s insurance program. By going through a checklist of all potential exposures specific to their company, you will receive the guidance and support needed to help your insured acknowledge these exposures and then talk about what can be done to help protect the insured in the event of a claim. Seeing this information in a report that is tailored to the needs of the client carries more weight than a general conversation about why pollution coverage is important.

For more information about this environmental risk assessment, please email us. To request login information for Beacon Hill’s Agent Portal, please click here.