• A manufacturer began expansion of a production line area. During excavation, oily soils with a petroleum odor were discovered. Further investigation uncovered an old, undocumented sludge drying pit, which the previous owner used back in the 1940’s. The manufacturer had to remove and remediate the soils at his expense. Cleanup costs exceeded $400,000.
  • An aerosol packaging plant located on a 17-acre site manufactured hair spray, spot remover and oven cleaner. The facility is near a river that runs through a neighboring town. The town discovered contamination in their municipal water supplies and was forced to close their wells. The town sued the packaging plant and settled for $780,000.
  • A fire started in a large landfill from decomposing waste. The fire burned and smoldered for several weeks, fueled by a variety of wastes and the lack of an adequate methane venting system at the landfill. Hot ashes, billowing clouds and a lingering haze of smoke and soot spoiled hundreds of acres of surrounding agricultural crops. The ensuring negligence claimed property damage and loss of income amounting to $1.7 million.

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