Log into the Agent Portal HERE.

Welcome to the Beacon Hill Agent Portal! We have designed this portal to give our agents real time access to the business they transact with Beacon Hill, and to provide a level of transparency into what is happening with your accounts. Within the portal you will be able to review current submissions, along with the results of marketing efforts, see upcoming renewals, and review historic business written. You will be able to request and access loss runs, policy documents, and prior year applications to name just a few features.

Using the portal is easy. Your agency needs to have an updated Producer Agreement with Portal Addendum, and we need an Administrator level person for the agency. The Admin level contact will be able to see all of the agency’s accounts, and have the ability to assign user rights to all personnel.

Why access the Agent Portal?

  • The agent portal is designed to give our agents the ability to review their business with Beacon Hill at any time.
  • It will pull real-time information from our management system directly to the web.
  • Agents can determine where accounts are in process, request loss runs, etc.

What information is on the Agent Portal?

  • Agency Metrics
  • In Force Business
  • Pending Business
  • Upcoming Renewals
  • Historic Business
  • Missed Opportunities

How do I gain access to the Agent Portal?

The portal can be reached by going to our homepage and clicking on the agent portal link in the top header, or by going to: https://portal.b-h-a.com/

If you don’t have a username or password yet, go to “Click here to contact a Beacon Hill representative to get set up.” On the first login, you will be asked to reset your password.

The Admin for your agency will have their username (email address) and password provided. Additional users that are activated by the Admin will receive their credentials via email.

Upon acceptance of credentials, you will see a legal disclaimer that needs to be agreed to by clicking the appropriate box. Once done, you will be in the Portal Dashboard.