News From Beacon Hill – September 2017

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Energy risks are always in a state of dynamic change, adapting to the needs of their clients and the insurance requirements placed upon them. Our markets have the ability to write the General Liability, Auto, Excess, and Broad Form Pollution (for both Contractors or Site, as needed), as well as Transportation Pollution.

Who buys this coverage?

  • Roustabout contractors
  • Oilfield cleanup (after the drilling is done) – plugging wells, equipment removal, site cleanup
  • Salt water haulers
  • Solar contractors
  • Wind turbine contractors
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Alternative energy contractors – construction of biodiesel facilities
  • Pumpers
  • Dirt work contractors
  • Wireline
  • Oil field electricians
  • Flow line and pipeline contractors
  • Compressor rental & installation
  • Welding & tank battery construction
  • And other energy classes of business

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Why Work with an Environmental Specialist?

While in principle going direct may be a good idea, with coverage as unique and complex as environmental policies often are, we believe that working with a specialist is a wise decision. Read the article.

Success Stories

  • $9M Soil Hauler purchased GL/CPL, Auto, Workers Comp, and Excess for a total of $347,948.
  • $250k Energy services contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Excess for a total of $18,977.
  • $150k Fuel delivery company purchased GL/CPL for $5,000.
  • $255M Wood preserving company purchased Site Pollution Liability for $62,079.
  • $3M Pipeline contractor purchased Occurrence CPL for $3,952.
  • $10M Building supply company purchased Occurrence CPL for $10,722.
  • $2M Well pump contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $5,000.
  • $2.1M Oil & gas manufacturer purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Excess for $29,790.