News From Beacon Hill – September 2013

Environmental Coverage for Recyclers

Stacked paper cubesThe recycling industry is booming—are facility owners & operators properly covered against environmental exposures?

The recycling industry has recently seen tremendous growth — people around the country are taking a sustainable approach to living, using less, and recycling the materials that they do use. While many of the recyclers are construction companies and contractors looking to make a profit from their scraps, average households in states that reimburse people for recyclable goods are also joining this trend. Read more.

Spotlight: Mold and Legionnaires Claims

MoldRemediationWe have seen a significant increase in claims involving mold and Legionnaires’ disease this past year. These issues are more serious and complex than the traditionally highlighted claims involving mold in old office buildings and moisture or bacteria problems that can happen in neglected properties. These claims are showing up in nursing homes, colleges, buildings in areas that have been affected by severe weather, and other properties around the country. Asbestos and lead exposures are also areas of concern, since many companies are seeing bodily injury claims as a result of people coming into contact with these materials. Court cases surrounding these problems are now more prevalent as property owners and managers are being held more accountable for their properties and health cases can be directly traced back to mold, legionella, asbestos, and lead. Get the complete article.