News From Beacon Hill – October 2022

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Pollution Clean Up: Does Your Insured Have the Right Coverage?

The insuring agreement for Site Pollution coverage can vary drastically from carrier to carrier, and account to account. One of the considerations for this type of policy is clean-up coverage… Make sure you are considering these policy details.

Get the ‘Renewable Energy’ Issue of The Summit

Even though the renewable energy industry has been active for decades, recent government incentives coupled with the positive consumer impression of being carbon neutral have raised the…Read the issue.

Oil & Gas Contractors: Sudden and Accidental Coverage

Many oil and gas insurance carriers offer Sudden and Accidental (S&A) Pollution coverage for property damage and bodily injury within the General Liability coverage, but is it enough…Read the article.

Accounts to Target: Environmental/Demo Contractors

We offer a wide range of coverages for demolition contractors, as well as environmental contractors, including abatement, emergency response, tank contractors, wastewater and…See coverage details.

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