News From Beacon Hill – October 2020

Account Opportunity: Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, perform site assessments, or advise businesses on environmental matters have a variety of exposures that can be effectively addressed with pollution coverage. Read more about coverage for this class of business.





Challenging Site Pollution Accounts

Do you need help with a challenging site account, coverage for a property with a history of contamination, or a portfolio? We can help. We can consider accounts of all sizes…Learn more.






Review your submissions, see upcoming renewals, and more

The agent portal is designed to give our agents the ability to review their business with Beacon Hill at any time. It will pull real-time information from our management system directly to the web. Agents can determine where accounts are in process, request loss runs, etc. Learn more about the Agent Portal.





Environmental Concerns for Crane Operators

Despite a slowdown in many industries this year, construction projects are going strong, with many redevelopment and new-build jobs underway. Crane operators often play a big role in these construction jobs, and the potential environmental impacts from…Read more.





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