News From Beacon Hill – October 2017

Spotlight: Complex Site Accounts

Beacon Hill is your trusted partner for insuring complex and contaminated properties.  Leverage our expertise the next time you need site pollution coverage for properties with existing contamination, energy facilities, hazardous manufacturing risks and other difficult to place accounts.

Experience:  Beacon Hill has over 27 years of experience partnering with best-in-class insurance carriers to cover contaminated and complex sites. These accounts require focused, technical underwriting and we can help negotiate the broadest possible terms for your clients. We specialize in securing high limit and multi-year policies for contaminated properties. We will work with you and your client to protect them from claims related to on-site and off-site cleanup costs, bodily injury, property damage, and loss of income due to new and existing contamination.

Resources:  Beacon Hill has an extensive resource library for complex sites including the latest claims scenarios relating to mold and legionella as well as industry specific coverage highlight sheets.  We can help you benchmark limits, terms, and retention by comparing your client’s exposure to similar risks that we currently insure.

Team Approach:  We collaborate frequently with agents, underwriters, property owners, attorneys, developers, lenders, and other stakeholders to find workable solutions for hard to place risks. We add value by breaking down complex policy provisions into easy to understand concepts. Beacon Hill has assembled a group of industry-leading carriers capable of providing the terms necessary to close the deal and protect your client’s assets.

For more information or to discuss a specific account, contact us.

Other News:

New Business Opportunity: Car Dealerships

Beacon Hill has a successful history of writing car dealerships for agents around the country. Not only can we offer Storage Tank Coverage for any storage tanks the dealership has, we can offer…Read more.

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Recent Success Stories

  • Microchip manufacturing site purchased EIL for $164,369.
  • $2.2M Water treatment/fracking facility purchased GL/EIL and an Excess policy for a total of $40,899.
  • Recycler and waste broker purchased GL/CPL and Auto for $25,926.
  • $9M Fire retardant products manufacturing company purchased EIL for $14,342.
  • $104M Company specializing in senior care facility construction purchased CPL for $32,382.
  • $4.2M Tank installation and removal contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O and an Excess policy for $44,300.
  • $6M Excavation contractor purchased an Occurrence CPL policy for $4,005.
  • A large shopping center purchased EIL for $82,100.
  • $3.9M HVAC Contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $9,178.
  • $8M Soil contractor purchased Occurrence CPL for $4,699.