News From Beacon Hill – October 2016

Coverage Spotlight: Contractors Professional & Pollution Coverage

When contractors purchase General Liability (GL) and CPL policies, they should be aware that professional services are typically excluded from these policies. If a claim is tendered under a GL or a CPL policy and a carrier determines that some of the services that the contractor was performing are actually professional services, this can become a big problem and in the worst case scenario preclude coverage.

General Liability policies may offer some professional liability coverage, such as those related to bodily injury or property damage; however, many of them do not provide coverage for economic damages. Therefore, if an insured is brought into a claim for the replacement of a structure or similar economic damage, there would be no coverage under the General Liability policy. In addition, most General Liability policies include a pollution exclusion or very limited pollution coverage. This coverage is often not enough to investigate a pollution condition, let alone remediate it.

  • General Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Site Prep Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Pipeline Contractors
  • HVAC/Mechanical Contractors
  • Any contractors that, in the course of their normal operations, may make a slight adjustment on the provided plans to get the job done properly, or who supervise other subcontractors.

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Recent Success Stories

  • A portfolio of hotels, both operating and under reconstruction purchased a 3-year $3M/$3M EIL policy (including Mold and Legionella) for $43,600.
  • $15M Civil/structural engineer & environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O (with Professional liability retroactive date going back to 1994) for $104,746.
  • $23M General contractor purchased CPL/E&O, including EIL, NODS, TPL, and Mold for $16,147.
  • $5M Abatement and demo contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M), and Auto ($1M CSL) for a total of $253,616.
  • Bulk petroleum storage company purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M), EIL ($10M/$10M) including aboveground storage tanks and scheduled underground storage tanks, and a $5M Excess policy for a total of $108,727.
  • Large portfolio of adult home/senior care centers purchased a 3-year, $1M/$5M EIL policy, including Mold, Legionella, scheduled underground storage tanks, and all aboveground storage tanks. Premium totaled $139,222.