News From Beacon Hill – October 2015

Account Opportunities: Schools, Nursing Homes, Apartments, & Other Habitational Facilities

Insureds who manage or own habitational facilities face many potential environmental exposures. These facilities are unique risks because of the health standards that must be met and maintained in a multi-unit living/working environment. From air quality to food handling, the insured needs to be covered for potential problems that may occur in apartments, patient rooms, cafeterias, labs, classrooms, dorm rooms, and other meeting spaces.

Premises Pollution Liability coverage can address the needs of many habitational sites, with optional coverage enhancements that can include mold, fungus, legionella, Non-Owned Disposal Site coverage, Transportation Pollution Liability, and more.

Representative Risks: Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, other medical centers, college campuses, boarding schools, training centers, and other on-campus education facilities or meeting spaces.

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Lessons from the Gold King Mine Contamination

Tim Morgan, Beacon Hill’s Senior Account Executive and Rocky Mountain Regional Manager recently wrote an article that was published by Insurance Journal:

On Aug. 5, 2015 an environmental contractor acting under the EPA’s authority breached a bulkhead at the entrance to the Gold King Mine in Southwestern Colorado. As a result, 3 million gallons of heavy metal laced water surged into Cement Creek before reaching the Animas River and eventually contaminating adjoining waterways in Utah and New Mexico. This incident has sparked a conversation about… Read the complete article on the Insurance Journal website.


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Recent Success Stories

  • $5M Environmental contractor purchased GL/CPL, $1M Auto (based on 88 power units and 82 trailers), and $5M Excess policy. Premium totaled $342,639.
  • $10M Refinery contractor purchased a $2M/$4M CPL policy for $9,358.
  • Tool manufacturing company purchased a $5M/$5M EIL policy, including NODS and TPL for $39,512.
  • $3.7 Water/sewer contractor purchased a $1M/$1M CPL policy, including Mold, NODS, and TPL for $3,317.
  • $2.5M General Contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $6,300.
  • Excavation contractor purchased a $1M project specific Pollution Liability policy (occurrence) for $3,300.
  • Scrap Metal Recyclers (two locations with bulk oil facility) purchased a 3-yr EIL policy for $39,000.
  • $900k Tank contractor/emergency response contractor purchased CPL/CPL and a $4M Excess for $14,000.
  • $8M Importer/distributor for salts used for snow melt and fertilizer products purchased GL/EIL for $16,036.