News From Beacon Hill – October 2013

October Success Stories

Check out some of our most recent bound accounts. If you recognize any of them as ones you wrote, email us to receive a prize!

  • Environmental drilling/sampling purchased GL/CPL/Professional with Employee Benefits Liability, Mold, and Non-owned disposal site coverage, as well as a $5M Excess policy. Total premium = $109,292.
  • $19.25M General contractor purchased CPL, Professional Liability, NODS, TPL, and Site Pollution ($1M/$1M). Total premium = $13,514.
  • $1M Environmental consultant purchased a $1M/$2M policy that includes CGL, CPL, E&O, TPL, and NODS. Total premium = $7,630.
  • Senior Care Facility (5 separate locations) purchased a $1M/$2M Premises Pollution Liability policy, including Mold, Legionella, and exposure to other indoor contaminants. Premium = $72,500.
  • $5M Pipeline inspection contractor purchased $2M/$2M CPL, TPL, and NODS for $5,645.
  • $10.9M HVAC contractor purchased a $2M/$2M CPL policy (with Mold) for $9,820.
  • $1.4M Restoration contractor purchased a $1M/$2M CPL policy including Mold, 3rd party TPL, NODS & Blanket Additional Insured Completed Ops. Total premium = $4,080.
  • $10.5M Industrial roll off trailers and recycling purchased a $1M/$1M CPL/TPL/EIL policy for $30,000.
  • $5M Soil remediation/storage tank contractor purchased GL (including NY Action Over), CPL, and $5M Excess policy. Total premium = $69,000.

This Year We’ve Renewed Over 80% of our Accounts.

Learn how we can work together to make your renewals go smoothly

One of the ways we ensure that our agents have great options to present at renewal is to have all the materials we need to get your clients the best quotes possible. In order to do this, we need to have the application and all supporting facts in time to produce the information you are looking for. Each item we request serves a specific purpose in the process, and we need your help to make sure each renewal submission is complete! An example of how we are proactively requesting this information is by sending an Agent Renewal Questionnaire to our agents approximately 60 days before the account renews. This confirms that the contact information we have for you is current, we are aware of any significant changes to the account, and are clear on the date you plan to present to the insured.

Please contact us to discuss your renewal accounts as early as possible. We want to help satisfy your clients’ expectations on price while working hard to preserve the integrity of their coverage.

Looking for New Business? Check out Some of Our Target Risks.

At Beacon Hill Associates, Inc., we maintain a thorough understanding of your clients’ environmental insurance needs, with an emphasis on how the coverages we offer will fit into their overall programs. We utilize this understanding to construct new programs that provide real value to the client. Here are classes of business most applicable to the products we offer.

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