News From Beacon Hill – November 2018

Health and Fitness Clubs: Expensive Environmental Exposures to Watch Out For in 2019

As club owners activate more membership accounts and continue to upgrade their amenities, they open themselves up to a host of pollution exposures. Read the article.

The top 5 questions to ask when discussing Site Pollution coverage with your insureds

Site Pollution is usually excluded on GL or Property coverage forms; here’s what you should ask your insureds to be certain they have the coverage they need. Learn more.

NEW: Beacon Hill’s Agent Portal

We have designed an interactive portal to give our agents real-time access to the business they transact with Beacon Hill Associates. Review current submissions, see upcoming renewals, and much more! Sign up today.

Get a CPL indication within 2 hours

The OnTarget Program allows Beacon Hill to provide its partner agents with quick and easy access to industry-specific pollution information for their non-environmental contractor clients. Read more.