News From Beacon Hill – May 2023

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Spotlight: CPL/E&O for Non-Environmental Contractors

Contractors Professional is a combined CPL and Professional Liability policy that is custom tailored to address the risk exposures encountered by non-environmental contractors… See pricing, enhancements, and more.




Emerging Pollution Concerns and Waste Disposal

From climate change and infectious diseases to social inflation, waste disposal is becoming more complicated. Emerging environmental exposures and their release is all over the news…Read the article.




News Alert: Changes in the Site Pollution Market

In recent months, we have noticed changes in the Site Pollution market for apartments, condos, and hotels. More specifically, carrier changes are impacting how mold…Get specifics on market changes.




Pollution Event: A Critical Phrase

Language matters, and how a carrier defines a “pollution event” determines what circumstances will trigger coverage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard way the insurance industry defines “pollution event”; each carrier has its unique…Learn more.




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