News From Beacon Hill – March 2018

Beyond Mold: Overlooked Pollution Exposures for Commercial, Residential, & Hospitality Risks

Agents are often unaware of the plethora of non-mold related pollution exposures which can lead to equally costly claims. Have you discussed these exposures with your clients?

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CPL/ Professional for General Contractors

Most environmental exposures stem from routine construction activities and often are not visible until they become costly problems. Why do GCs need Professional coverage?

Environmental Insurance Opportunities in 2018

Check out some of the areas where we have found success over the past year, both with classes of business and lines of coverage. Are you going after the right kind of business?

Out Some Recent Accounts We’ve Written

Here are a handful of accounts we have recently written: $2M Industrial cleaner purchased GL/CPL/Auto and Excess for $68,758. See more success stories.