News From Beacon Hill – March 2017

General Liability & Site Pollution Liability

The environmental insurance marketplace is more competitive and complex than ever before. We are seeing upheaval in certain areas in particular — some lines are being non-renewed by environmental carriers and appetites are changing across the board. This active and evolving insurance landscape presents a great opportunity to win new business and evaluate your renewal accounts.

General Liability/Site Pollution is a product where we see tremendous opportunity to offer our agents industry-leading coverage with fast turnarounds and competitive pricing. This package policy combines GL and EIL for manufacturers, distributors, and facilities. We can also offer broader coverage to include Products Pollution Liability.

We are interested in reviewing your current and upcoming accounts to see where we can help. Our experienced team members will help you customize an insurance program to address the needs of your client.

Contact us for more information or to discuss a specific account.

Recent Success Stories

  • Transfer station purchased GL/EIL for $28,578.
  • $2.4M Manufacturers of containment barriers/booms purchased Occurrence GL for $10,437.
  • $1.7M Ammonia distributor purchased GL/CPL and Auto for a total of $35,788.
  • $70M Oil & gas manufacturer purchased CPL and EIL for $89,250.
  • $20M Manufacturer of environmental products purchased GL/CPL/Excess for a total of $92,917.
  • $5.86M Manufacturer of pipeline wraps purchased GL/CPL/E&O/Excess for a total of $59,718.
  • $9M Coatings manufacturer purchased GL/CPL/EIL/Excess for a total of $48,698.
  • $45M Manufacturer of pumps purchased GL/CPL/E&O/Auto/Excess for a total of $409,376.
  • $5M Automation systems development company purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $12,091.
  • $5M Environmental product distributor purchased GL and Excess for $32,650.
  • Manufacturing company specializing in remediation equipment purchased Products Pollution for $19,249.

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